• General FAQ

    Q: How do I buy products on your website?
    A: Spectra Merchandising Intl. does not sell directly to the general public. We sell to retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.

    Q: What is the warranty on your product? How can I learn more?
    A: All products distributed by Spectra have a 90 day warranty from the original date of purchase. For information on our warranty please visit:http://www.spectraintl.com/warranty.htm.

    Q: I cannot find my problem listed online and want to talk to a real person.
    A: At Spectra we pride ourselves on having 100% US-based customer service. If you think your product is not working correctly, we suggest you call our Customer Service Representative first before returning it. Often we can solve the problem over the phone. Contact the Customer Service help line at: 1-800-777-5331 Monday-Friday from 7:30AM - 4:45PM Central Time or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Q: My product is not working and I want my money back.
    A: Spectra Merchandising does not sell directly to the public. If you are seeking a refund you must handle through the place of purchase.

    Q: I lost my owner's manual, how can I obtain a new one?
    A: You can download a copy of your owners manual any time from our site at: http://www.spectraintl.com/owners_manuals.html. If you think your product is not working correctly, we suggest you call our Customer Service Representative first before returning it. Often we can solve the problem over the phone. Contact the Customer Service help line at: 1-800-777-5331 Monday-Friday from 7:30AM - 4:45PM Central Time or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Q: I am not understanding parts of my owner’s manual.
    A: If you think your product is not working correctly, we suggest you call our Customer Service Representative first before returning it. Often we can solve the problem over the phone. Contact the Customer Service help line at: 1-800-777-5331 Monday-Friday from 7:30AM - 4:45PM Central Time or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Q: I have one of your items that I no longer use and would like to recycle it, where can I bring it?
    A: Spectra is committed to environmentally responsible business practices. For general recycling information and to find out more on how to recycle your product, please visit: http://www.spectraintl.com/green.htm.

    Q: What is California Proposition 65?
    A: California's Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to special warnings for certain products that contain chemicals above certain threshold levels. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
  • Wireless Charging FAQ

    Q: What is wireless charging?
    Wireless Charging, also known as Inductive Charging, is the convenient way to charge your compatible mobile device without having to plug in a cable. It requires a transmitter coil which is the “charger” that’s connected directly to a power source, and a receiver coil. The receiver coil is either built into a case attached to your mobile device or built into the phone itself. When the compatible mobile device containing a receiver coil is placed on top of a wireless charging pad, the mobile device will begin charging automatically.

    Q: How does wireless charging work?
    When the device containing the receiver coil is placed on top of the transmitter coil, it creates a magnetic field between the 2 coils. This magnetic field allows the electrons trapped inside the receiver coil to flow and create the electricity needed to charge the battery in your device.

    Q: How do I know if my mobile device is compatible with wireless charging?
    Many of the new Android and iOS phones feature wireless charging, so look for the Qi logo on packaging or the manufacturer’s specifications to check compatibility.

    Q: What is Qi?
    Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is the most popular wireless charging standard available and involves the wireless charging standard owned by The Wireless Power Consortium, and backed by more than 200 leading companies including Apple, Samsung and others. The goal of The Wireless Power Consortium is to deliver wireless charging easily and safely, while ensuring compatibility across all devices that bear the Qi logo. More information on Qi charging is available at: https://www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com/ or http://www.qiwireless.com/

    Q: What phones are Qi Compatible?
    Many of the popular Android and iOS phones feature Qi wireless charging.

    Apple Compatibility
    Any iPhone released in October 2017 or later including: iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Pro (Max)/ iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max, iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max and Xr, iPhone 8 and 8 +

    Android Compatibility
    Samsung Galaxy S20/ S20+/ S20 Ultra, S10, S9, S9 +, S8, S8 +, S8 Active, S7, S7 Edge, S8 Active, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge +, S6 Active Samsung Galaxy Note 20/ 5G/ Ultra 5G, 9 and Note 8 LG G6, LGV30 Moto Z Sony Xperia XZ2 Nokia 8 Sirocco, Google Pixel 4/ 5/ Pixel 5 XL

    For a complete list of Qi compatible models, please visit: https://qi-wireless-charging.net/qi-enabled-phones/
  • Radios/Clock Radios FAQ

    Q: I cannot seem to get good AM or FM reception from my radio, how can I improve reception?
    A: Most of our radios have a separate FM antenna. Be sure to fully extend the antenna for best reception. FM antennas come in two forms, a telescopic metal type or a FM wire type; your unit should have one or the other. To extend the wire types simply untie the bundled wire on the back of the unit. If your unit does not have a separate FM antenna, the best FM reception can be achieved by making sure the AC cord is extended.

    To improve AM reception it is often necessary to move the radio to a different location since most of our units have the AM antenna built into the unit. As a general rule keeping your radio away from other electrical appliances such as cell phones, televisions and lamps will help achieve the best reception possible.

    Q: I noticed that my clock radio has a backup battery, but when I unplug the unit from the wall the time display goes blank and I cannot play the radio.
    A: The backup battery only saves the time internally. Once the AC cord is plugged back in the proper time will display. All radio and display functions are not available once the AC cord is disconnected.

    Q: The display on my unit is locked up and displays strange digits.
    A: Resetting the unit by disconnecting from the AC power source and removing all batteries from the battery compartment may clear this problem; please be aware that all preset information such as time, alarm setting and station presets will be lost.
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad FAQ

    Q: Why doesn’t my MP3 player fit on the connector on top of the dock?
    A: Only dock Apple digital music players onto the docking connector. The docking connector is not designed to work with any other music player. Trying to dock any other player may damage the player or dock.

    Q: My JENSEN® iPod dock says that it works with MP3 players, how do I connect it?
    A: Non-Apple music players can be connected to the dock by using the aux-in only. Connect one end of the 1/8” phone plug to the aux-in port on the dock and the other end to the headphone out jack on your player. Please note that the function buttons on the dock will not be able to control song selections. All of these functions must be accessed from the player.

    Q: The bracket for my iPod was not included with my JENSEN® iPod dock.
    A: We do not supply a bracket for every iPod model with our docks. Every Apple iPod includes the exact universal docking bracket made for your iPod. This bracket can be used on our docks in most cases. If this bracket was not supplied with your dock, please contact Apple for a replacement.

    Q: When I dock my iPod onto the JENSEN® dock my iPod displays a screen stating that the accessory will not charge this iPod. What should I do?
    A: Some of our older models charge the iPod at a voltage higher than 5V. The iPod that you have uses a 5 volt charging system. Your iPod will play but will not charge. This means that the battery in your iPod will be used to power your iPod and eventually will need to be recharged from your computer or wall jack. You have two options. You can purchase a converter that will allow your unit to work on the dock or you can return the product to the place of purchase and purchase a model that is compatible with your iPod. Power converters can be purchased from the Apple store:http://store.apple.com/us/product/TV683ZM/A?mco=MTY3MTE4ODg.

    Please note that this converter will only fit standard sized docking openings. Be sure to visually inspect the shape of both the dock opening and the mating converter bottom.

    Q: I have no idea what type of iPod I have. How do I know if my iPod will work with your docks?
    A: On each of our packages you will see a legend listing all of the compatible iPods that work with our docks. Pay special attention to the generation of the iPod listed. For help on identifying which iPod you have please visit the following Apple website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1353.

    Q: My iPod dock seems to be locked up. The buttons stopped working and the display is not correct.
    A: Remove your iPod from the dock and use the reset button to reset. Many of our docks include a reset button that reboots the dock to the original factory settings. Please be aware that this reset can erase your radio presets and time. The location of the reset button is different on every dock. Please refer to the instruction manual to locate it. It is usually a small hole near the back or bottom of the unit and is accessible using a paperclip. In case your Apple player also appears locked up, please reset it to bring it back to normal conditions.

    Q: Are there any special care instructions for my iPod dock?
    A: It is very important to keep the connector on top of the dock free of any debris. Likewise it is important to keep debris from the connector on the bottom of your iPod. The connections on these two connectors are very small, and debris in the connector can cause damage to both the dock and your iPod. We are not responsible for damages to either if foreign matter is in the connector area.
  • MP3/MP4 FAQ

    Q: I purchased songs from iTunes but none of them seem to work on my JENSEN® MP3 player.
    A: iTunes songs are encoded in AAC format. These will not work on our players. Please use songs encoded in MP3 format.

    Q: Where can I buy songs that will work on my JENSEN® MP3 player?
    A: JENSEN® players can only accept DRM free files. We suggest you access sites that offer DRM free MP3 files. Please contact these sites before purchasing music to make sure the files are .MP3 format. We have no affiliation with any of these sites.

    Q: I purchased MP3 songs from a site. I uploaded them to my JENSEN® MP3 player. I can see the title on the player but the song will not play.
    A: Some sites offer their MP3 songs in a .zip format. This saves downloading time. Before transferring the song to your player you must first unzip the song. Once unzipped you can transfer the song to your player. For additional file support please contact the service from which you purchased the songs.

    Q: I am getting a “format error” or “disk error” on my JENSEN® MP3 player.
    A: To correct this problem format your player. Please note that all data on the player will be erased. To format the player on a Windows machine plug in your player. Once detected, open “my computer” and right click on removable disk (the one that is your player). Choose format and make sure file system is listed as FAT32 and then click start.

    Q: I purchased a JENSEN® MP3 player but do not have much computer experience, how do I rip music from a CD to my player.
    A: We do not offer any software that rips music. However, the following two websites can help walk you through the process.

    For Windows users:

    For Mac users:

    Q: My MP3 player is acting very strange. It is turning off after playing only a few minutes and sometimes skips songs.
    A: Replace the battery with a brand new one. Often electronics can do some strange things when the power runs low.

    Q: I plugged my JENSEN® MP3 player into the computer but it does not get recognized.
    A: Several things can cause this problem. First you should try to use a different USB port. The ports on the back of the computer are recommended since the front ports sometimes do not have as much voltage. If this does not work, your anti-virus or firewall may be preventing detection. Try to disable them and then plug in the player. Lastly, the chipset in the player may not be compatible with a piece of hardware or software on your computer.

    Q: I put several songs onto my JENSEN® MP3 player and can see them on the player when attached to my computer. However, when I disconnect my player from the computer and try to play the songs from the player, the displays says “No File”. Where are they?
    A: The files loaded on to the player must be MP3 or DRM free WMA formats. Files such as mpeg4, acc, ogg, mpeg, etc. will not work on our players.

    Q: I have copied a video file onto my player, and I can see through my computer that it successfully transferred to the player. However, the player will not play it.
    A: Before transferring your video files to your player they must first be converted using the included software. Video file formats such as AVI, MPEG and WMV will not play natively on our players.

    Q: The play time on my player has recently decreased greatly even though I gave it a full charge. How do I change the battery?
    A: JENSEN® players that use internal batteries are not user serviceable. To have your unit serviced please contact the Customer Service help line at: 1-800-777-5331 Monday-Friday from 7:30AM - 4:45PM Central Time or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Q: My player is acting strange and will not accept MP3 files I am trying to load onto it.
    A: Sometimes the file system can get corrupted for reasons such as an electrostatic discharge or strong magnetic interference. Typically a full format of the player will correct this problem. Simply format it like you would format any removable USB drive. Please note that all information on the player will be lost.
  • CD Players FAQ

    Q: My player plays the CD for a few seconds or minutes but then just stops and the display goes blank.
    A: Try replacing the batteries with new ones. When batteries get weak players can shut off even though they play a song or two.

    Q: I burned a CD using my computer but my CD player will not play it.
    A: First check to make sure the CD player is CD-R/RW compatible as not all players are designed to read these discs. Next, check that the CD you burned was formatted in a standard home audio format and not MP3. Players that can read MP3 files will be clearly labeled on the packaging. If the CD is made in this format and plays in other players, it is possible that the recordable disc cannot be recognized by the player. Please try a different brand of CD.

    Q: I am using a store bought CD with my player but the player flashes “No” or “No Disc”.
    A: Be sure that the disc is in properly with the printed side up and shiny side down. Be sure that the disc is clean and free from scratches.
  • Turntables FAQ

    Q: How should I care for my records?
    To ensure the best sound and the least amount of wear on your records, it’s essential that they are kept clean. Make sure your records, especially older ones are sufficiently cleaned prior to playing them.

    Thoroughly clean dust off the stylus and record regularly.
    • Use a soft brush to clean the stylus. Brush from the base to the tip.
    • For records with only light amounts of dust, we recommend brushing them off with a carbon fiber brush or velvet pad before playing them. Use a good quality record cleaner and brush set to keep your records clean. Carbon fiber brushes, velvet pads and record cleaning kits are available online or in local record stores.
    • Using a mild dish soap and warm water for washing your records will also help remove excess dirt and dust that builds up over the years. Use a microfiber cloth when washing and wiping off any excess water from the record once they have been cleaned

    NOTE: Remember, the best cleaning in the world only removes surface dust and dirt. Some records will have scratches and groove wear. No amount of cleaning will fix this. So after cleaning, some records may sound “perfect” and others may not.

    Q: Can I connect the external speaker connections to the aux-in on my stereo?
    The external speaker connections (spring loaded type or RCA jacks) are not intended to be connected to the Aux-in of another stereo unit. The external speaker connections are only designed to be connected to speakers. If you connect them to the Aux-in of another device you may damage one or both units and void all warranties.

    Q: What type of device can I connect the line outputs to?
    The Line Outputs allow you to connect the turntable to and external Hi-Fi / AMPLIFIER system. The Line Outputs of the turntable must only be connected to the Auxiliary Inputs (RCA Jacks or 3.5mm stereo jack) on your Hi-Fi/Amplifier system.